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t-cell LGL leukemia... or not?

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I'm sorry if I repeat this, I posted it 2 times as a comment on similar arguments, than I thought maybe is better to create a new topic. I'm new in the forum and I don't know how is better.

Hallo, I'm a 43 y.o. male and I've been diagnosed of t-cell LGL leukemia... or maybe not! I can't still understand the mechanism of this illness, and doctors can't give exact answers, maybe someone of you can help me. I write "maybe not" because actually I do not have any kind of cytopenia, neutrophils are higher than 2000, lymphocites low then 3000, hemoglobin is 13. But I have 22% lymphocites with LGL caratheristics and t-cell receptor analysis defined a monoclonal T-cell proliferation. Parameters of immunogram blood tests are now the same than 12 years ago (even better). In 2006 I tried to understand with an hematologist why I had always in the analys an higher % of lymphocites compared to neutrophils, a low CD4/CD8, very low B lymphocites and moderate high t-killers. Last year in september, after recurrent infections I tried again to understand what was the deal, and only now after several months and doctors, looks like that someone understood what is the problem. Since my clinical picture is good and I do not have any cytopenia, she said I don't need any treatment, I should just be under observation. I guess this process is going on not less then 12 years (probably more), just earlier noone gave a name to it. I read on the net that medium life of people with this kind of desease is 10 years... but from when? From the moment the disorder begin (in this case I should be really lucky since I have it since 12+ years) or from the moment of a cytopenia conditions that justify a treatment? With CBC analysis parameter that I have know, can I call myself a leukemic or I have just a chronic disorder?

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