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Interesting article about Metformin

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This combined approach was entirely new to me.  



  • evolo58
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    I find it important to stay

    I find it important to stay informed about how other cancers are being approached, and if these approaches affect disease-free recurrence and overall survival. Often, these filter down to other cancer treatments, including ours. Interesting article! Thank you.

    My husband was talking to his doctor, and it seems that doctors are well aware that Metformin has potential in treating at least some form of cancers, or at least slowing down cancer progression. This is why several doctors... err ... try to tweak things a bit so that they can at least prescribe training-wheel doses to cancer patients, at least initially. They often don't OFFICIALLY acknowledge that, but ... 

    A combo approach definitely sounds feasible, and if it indeed slows down disease progression and perhaps keeps chemo and radiation at bay, so much the better! The effects of Metformin and hexokinase-2-related treatment  hopefully won't produce the side effects of some of the most aggressive treatments, and Metformin certainly isn't as expensive. Hopefully, hexokinase-2-related treatments aren't either. It could even help slow down the progession of diabetes at the same time, perhaps? 

    Looks like a second look at inhibiting hexokinase-2 might be effective in other cancers, too: https://cancerci.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12935-016-0280-y

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    The other articles on the page are interesting, too!

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    thank you for sharing, DerMaus

    I also liked reading other articles on the page. Who knew naked mole rates enjoy cancer free long, healthy, active lives. Link