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Remember Sandrine04 who was French?

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I just saw on Facebook that she died yesterday. I remember her asking for advice on her cancer. Sometimes she wrote in French. She was so scared. Rest in peace, Sandrine.



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It is just so, so hard to read of still another person lost to this cancer. RIP.

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I've been thinking about her the past few days. I hope she found some peace but fear she didn't. She was so young and so were her children.   I'm sad and angry. Wish we could have helped her more. 

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God be with her family. 

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this is so sad.  And even though I didn't know her or of her, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.  I want more women to be aware of this cancer and what it can do to us.  Why can't we do something to make women aware?

I am so sick of just hearing of people dying from it.  I had no idea of what was happening to me.  I admit I am STILL a bit traumatized because of it.


RIP =  God has one more Angel.



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I do remember her, Eldri. Thank you for letting us know, although it's not the outcome any of us would have wished for. I'm so sorry. 

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Eldri, thank you for letting us know.  Very sad.  God bless her family and may He welcome her in to His loving arms.

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She always sounded lost when she came here.   I don't think she was getting good advice wherever she lived, but the languge barrier seemed to be in the way of mutual understanding. 

God bless her, she is free of thisterrible burden now.


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Eldri, Thank you for letting us know. May she rest in her heavenly home with our Lord. All of us wish there was more awareness of gynecological cancers. I wish the gynecologists themselves would make women more aware of the signs and symptoms. There can be such a tie to breast and colon cancers as we know. We can make our own friends and family aware of gynecological cancer but that isn’ t a big enough circle influence. We need a celebrity that is very wealthy to take up the cause. Kathy Bates is a survivor and has brought media attention. Still starting with primary care there needs to be more awareness. Honestly, most primary care doctors and OB/GYN physicians immediately think cancer when a woman who has gone through menopause starts spotting blood. Unfortunately too many of us are peri-menopausal and think we are just spotting because we are going into menopause. And then many of us are  younger than those of us thinking we are just spotting due to menopause approaching. Gynecologic cancer sneaks up on us in the prime of our lives. 


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Well said! I am sorry to ear of another person losing their battle. I also agree more awareness needs to be made of our type. So many know of breast cancer and what to look for, but as you said, when a woman is peri-menopausal, they attribue the spotting to menopause. The same thing happened to me. I spotted/bled for a year and a half before an ultrasound and then a biospy finally found it. Thankfully it was in time. It is sad that so many do understand and can relate to what you said, but we do need ladies to be more aware of what to watch for. Thank you for your response to this too.

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It was so hard to read her posts begging for help. I know I felt useless to her because of the language issues and not knowing what was available to her in France. It's so sad to hear that she has passed. Every loss cuts so deeply.

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Thank you Eldri! It’s so sad to lose another. May she Rest In Peace......

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I never knew of her, but my heart hurts to hear the news. May she rest in peace. Fly free from this illness. Fly free amongst the angels.

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Has anyone heard from her?  She spoke French with Sandrine. It's been nearly a year since she's logged on. 

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Sad news  =(  RIP Sandrine

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