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A quote to share to all you lovely people x

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Joined: Dec 2017

The devil whispered in my ear “ You are not strong enough to withstand the storm”

Today I whispered in the devils ear “ I am the storm ”

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Joined: Aug 2016

Great quote ! With the Lord we can do anything. Stay strong !

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Joined: Jan 2018

I agree. Love the quote. Thank you for sharing.

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Joined: Jun 2014

I love this quote! As a matter of fact I just ordered a bracelet off of Etsy that is leather with a copper plate on top that says 'I am the storm". Thanks for posting!

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Joined: Jun 2017

Love it! Thanks for sharing!


Pandabear1011 - I will have to search for that bracelet - sounds perfect, cute, awesome!


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I'm using it!


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