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Good News! I think

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So my mom went to the doctor and got her results on the ultrasound today and the ultrasound was completely negative except for the fact that her uterine wall was thickened just a bit. No signs of tumors or anything. So the doctor was pretty pleased with that and he did a biopsy right there in the office just to be on the safe side and when he did, he found all of the polyps that did not show up on the ultrasound in her cervix and to my poor mother's great surprise, took them out right there in the office. He's sending everything off to get tested, which I understand is quite normal? And my mother said the last time this happened to her that was exactly what they did. He prescribed her another dose of progesterin to dry everything up and she's got a follow up next week which is when the results of the biopsy will be back. We're not 100% out of the woods yet from what I understand but it's looking really good. I'm trying not to celebrate just yet but we're both feeling much more positive. My mother said that the doctor didn't seem concerned at all and she will talk to him on her follow up about having a hysterectomy done in the near future. Anyway, just wanted to give an update on what's going on and thank you all so much for being so supportive. - Regina

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That's wonderful news. I'm sending good thoughts to you and your mom.

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Very good news indeed.

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This is really good news! I imagine taking the polyps out wasn’t a pleasant experience but getting findings earlier than later is worth a little discomfort!

praying for good results!

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This is good news and even better if the results come back negative for cancer cells.  It will also be good if you mom talks to the doctor about a hysterectomy.  My cancer journey included a D&C in 2004 when I was 47, polyps were removed result no cancer.  Fast forward to 2011 now 54 D&C done again polyps found again and a tumor, cancer, stage 3 because it had spread to lymph node.  Had I known in 2004 what the future would bring, I would have had a hysterectomy back then.  Oh well, I am now a 6 1/2 year survivor of uterine cancer (MMMT).  It can be done, but I do not say I am cured just still NED.  It is a hard thing to say in remission when we do not know what our fate is or what our expiration date is.  Only One knows when that is.  Good Luck to your mom and to you.  trish

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Hi! Yep, this will all be discussed once the results come back. It's just a huge relief that the source of the bleeding was actually from the cervical polyps and not her uterus. From what I understand, the doctor did the biopsy just to be on the safe side so if that's all negative I don't know if a hysterectomy will be required if the polyps are actually in her cervix? I'm not sure, it's all so confusing. It's just such a relief that we're about halfway out of the woods, I was honestly so scared. And thank you! - Regina

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Hi Regina:  I think everything is going to be okay.  It sounds good!  So happy for you and mom.

Best of luck!!!


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Regina, Sounds like things appear to be more positive  for now. The biopsy results will be the next anxiety producing hurdle. In the mean time it seems like there is reason for some relief. Your Mom will have a discussion about pre- cancerous polyps and how likely they are to

progress to cancerous. She may decide to have a hysterectomy to prevent the risk of developing gynecological cancer. One day at a time and a big sigh of relief. 


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So good to hear and I hope your mom continues to receive good news!

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