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New to the Sisterhood

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I have been lurking the forum for a few days and I deeply appreciate all the great info posted here. Although I have not received a final diagnosis yet, I'm pretty sure I have cancer based on the information I have so far (still waiting for the biopsy results) and I'm scared.

Some background: I just turned 49. My periods have been normal but I started spotting inbetween periods since July 2017. I figured it was menopause creeping up. It got to a point where I had to wear a pad full time for the past few months because it became a light period so I went to my doctor in January 2018. He did a pap smear and the results came back as follows:

Epithelial cell abnormality

High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, severe dyslplasia/carcinoma in situ, at least, is present. A microinvasive or invasion lesion cannot be excluded.

Atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance (AGC) are present.

Speciment reprocessed for interpretation using glacial acetic acid.

ADEQ: Satisfactory for evaluation endocervical and/or squamous metaplastic cells (endocervical component) are present.

Referred to a GYN and he did a colposcopy. He saw a bleeding mass in the cervical area, did a biopsy on it and also performed an endocervical curettage. Results are not back yet but the GYN fast tracked me to a GYN-oncologist and ordered a CT. I didn't do an ultrasound because I couldn't tolerate holding 40 oz of water 1.5 hours before the procedure since I started cramping badly when I tried a week earlier. I'm not sure if it was caused by a urinary tract infection that my primary also found. I was prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics for the UTI.

The CT report said:

There is abnormal thickening/hypodensity within the uterine cavity measuring 3.4x5.4x3.3 cm. There appears to be abnormal lymph nodes along the pelvic sidewalls. A 1.6x1.3 cm lymph node with central decreased density is noted in the left pelvic sidewall. There is a right pelvic sidewall lymph node measuring 1.5x0.9 cm.

Saw the GYN-Onc last week and he did a visual exam and said it looks like cancer but we need to do a PET scan and wait for the biopsy results. He's already looking for a second opinion to look at the biopsy slides when they come in. Either way, he recommended a hysterectomy or radical hysto, pending my results. I'm anxious to get the PET scan done ASAP. I think I can handle uterine cancer but not sure I can deal with cancer spreading to other organs. This is the one time I wished I had selected a PPO instead of an HMO since it takes time to get authorizations. The doctor's assistant keeps telling me it takes 7-10 days. Do I have that much time to wait? if everything takes 7-10 days, I might not have surgery until a month out.

So here I am, four days counting and I'm just all over the place. I'm having cramps and massive back pain that prevents me from sleeping more than an hour at a time. I take tylenol to control it but this quality of life is not good.

Sorry for the long post.





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I used an over the counter gel stool softener...Dulcolax I think...

the doc prescribed one but insurance didn't cover it and it was something silly like $30. I asked the pharmacist and she said it was just like the over the counter (what was prescribed was called Doc-o-lace) so she suggested I get a gel stool softener...

if you don't want to take something internally you can use a glycerin suppository (be sure it is just the glycerin and not one with laxative) and it will help but then there is the whole issue of getting it "in" there when you can barely move after surgery...

and drink lots of water...that helps...

and be sure the stool softener is just that and not a laxative

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I used Senokot and found a happy balance between "whoosh" and no action at all. 

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i know what you’re going through.  I’m sorry you have to wait but I know certain tests take time.  I was diagnosed with Stage IVb uterine cancer last February.  i won’t go into all the details but I do look to this site for moral support and successful stories.  Hang in there and I hope and pray things turn out well for you.


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