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World cancer day

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Today is 4th February, the world cancer day


We all have experienced the effects of cancer as survivors or caregivers. On this special day, I thank you all because of supporting each other. I also Thank caregivers, health care providers, CSN team & researchers working to develop new treatments.

We are alive and that's what matters, The best is yet to come


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What a wonderful thread. Echoing everything Forough said. Thank you!

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Foroughsh, a big thanks right back at you for all of your kind words and helpful posts.  You were definitely one of the folks here on this board that gave me a bit of comfort in the beginning.

Thanks to everyone else as well for providing great advice and compassion to people that you don't even know in person. 

You are all of such a Godsend to me.

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Yes! For sure a day to observe.

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You are absolutely right, Foroughsh! The best is yet to come! They are making great strides and the advancements are coming fast and furious. Keep looking forward everyone! ~Panda~

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So true, let's stay healthy and stay in the battle and will win one day. This article is pretty impressive just because of the numbers and the effectiveness of the treatment. Even though it is on the mice this time, hope it will also work with the RCC cell line!


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I read this article on Smart Patients. Exciting times we're living in! 

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