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Post Hysterectomy Travel Woes

JinVa Member Posts: 29

Hi Everyone,

I had A DaVinci hysterectomy 12/27/2017. Since then I have been on several flights; all not great. The first time, just an hour long flight 3 weeks post op, I had the worst gas pains I have ever experienced followed by diarrhea. The second time I took Gas-X, which helped. But now I have lots of nausea and motion sickness whether I am on a plane, in a car, etc. has anyone else had this and does it (hopefully) go away? Thanks in advance!


  • EZLiving66
    EZLiving66 Member Posts: 1,476 **
    Imodium and dramamine are my

    Imodium and dramamine are my best friends!  I had my hysterectomy September 30, 2015 and my last chemo in December of 2015 and I still take both these drugs on a pretty regular basis.  It's what I have to do to lead a "normal" life.  My oncologist's PA and my GP are both ok with it since without it, I would not be able to leave our house.  If I'm flying, I eat very, very little the day before.  We drove to our winter retirement home - three days, 10 to 12 hours a day and I would not have made it if not for those drugs.

    I do believe, however, it wasn't the hysterectomy which caused all the troubles but the chemo.  That being said, I am alive and (knock on wood) the UPSC has not returned.

    Hope you feel better soon!!



  • saltycandy13
    saltycandy13 Member Posts: 167
    I have the same thing going on...

    Don't despair.  I have the nausea and the gas.  Whoa the gas.  I could blow up a country with it.  I lost weight too.  Who said hysterectomy makes a woman fat?  I was worried about that but nope, I lost my hospital weight and more.  I don't eat much.  Food was never a biggie for me but now?  Blech!

    I think it's just the gas causing the nausea.  I also get crabby   I am waiting for the swelling and sutures to absorb.  Still have the blood clot thing going too and have to see the doctor next month for him to stick a needle in it if it doesn't go away.

    I think this is a transition for anyone who just had the abdominal surgery recently.  The recovery time is months!  Please hang in there.  We will GET better.

  • MugsBugs
    MugsBugs Member Posts: 111
    Haven't traveled yet

    I was thinking about recuperating at the ocean (2 1/2 hours drive) and was wondering what driving would be like.  I am also having gas issues from being blown up like a pinata.  Whenever I eat my stomach hurts. I had gained 14 pounds the day of surgery and have lost that and like saltycandy13 a few more pounds (I am hoping this trend continues).  I have been taking gas-x regularly though and this does help.  Everytime I think the gas has dissapated it comes back with a vengence.  

  • saltycandy13
    saltycandy13 Member Posts: 167

    me too!  I thought maybe I drank too much diet Dr. Pepper so now I'm on just spring water and STILL GAS.  UGH!