No consolidative opacity. ( not sure what that means???)

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Happy Saturday....


I was wondering does anyone know what this means on the findings of my Lung CT Scan:


No consolidative opacity. ( not sure what that means???)




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    I am not sure, but am

    I am not sure, but am thinking they are not seeing signs of infection. Hope someone with more knowledge can help!Smile

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    Hi there, your question sparked me to investigate since I too am a lung cancer survivor, I have seen the term used multiple times on this site but I never knew what it meant either, from what I found.......Consolidation of the lung is simply a solidation of the lung tissue due to accumulation of solid and liquid material in the air spaces that would have normally been filled by gas. It is also known as pulmonary consolidation. the most common cause is pheumonia. 

    Opacity: couldn't find anything on any specific definition, but I'm sure someone here will have more info and respond.  Hope this helps, perhaps your Dr. can explaine it in simpler terms so I wouldnt hesitate asking.

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    Consolidative Opacity

    To add to what don09 said:  Well, opacity relates to how opaque something is (as opposed to being transparent), so I'd say "no consolidative opacity" means there's no solidation of lung tissue that can't be seen through.  Sounds like a good thing to me.