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Kidney Lession

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Hi,  I am very concerned with a CT with this impression: ” small low attenuatiion left kidney lession towards the lower pole with mild enhancement measuring 3cm”.  Dr. was not so happy and I need to wait a week for an MRI. 

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Hi. Hopefully you will have a clear answer once the MRI is completed. The wait can be tough, but just know you will have answers soon!

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The uncerrtainty is certainly hard to deal with. If there is such a thing as good news it is small and can be overcome. Lets hope you do not have to join our group. If you do we will help you throgh this.  Again whatever it is, it is small.



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to quote the great late Tom Petty. like Iceman says, whatever it is, it ias good that it is small. Hope it is nothing. God bless you. 

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