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Any long-time Stage 3 survivors?

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I’m not a long term survivor but am stage 3  Ta No Mo !! What was your pathology report ??? I know there are many people on here that are such an inspiration to me and are true warriors at stage 4! As I am often told each cancer us different so who knows what are future holds x

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I know some members since 3 1/2 years ago who are stage four, they are not active anymore because of busy life. The good news is they are NED.

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long term  survivors since immunotherapies and  effective TKIs. Remaining stable is the goal. Keeping cancer in check is a reality for many. And some of us are getting pretty good at it.

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AT the time of original of surgery, June 2006, I had R. kidney, left lobe of liver, and set of nodes adjacent to and behind the kidney with 2 of 11 nodes positive.  A year later, a single node in that same region was found to be enlarging (on comparative CT's) and it was removed surgically.  The folloing year, the same situation, a node in the low pelvis was removed.

I have had "scares" with follow up procedures on my thyroid (CT found an enlargement, ultrasound, nuclear thyroid test, and a biopsy), all to say that it was negative for any type of cancer.

Take care of yourself and don't look for statistics that will make you stress out.  Regular life comes with enough stress.



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Dad is 76, he had a radical nephrectomy in 2011, after 18 months his scan showed mestatasis to liver, pancreas and lungs. He was started on Sunitinib, after a tough beginning with side effects, his dosage was adjusted and he will have been a 5 year survivor this June. He is my inspiration in my journey with RCC

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I was diagnosed with Stage 3/Grade 3 RCC in December of 2012. I had a recurrence in February of 2015 (made me Stage 4). Still here.

So, yes. I'd say there are quite a few of us Stage 3 or 4 here.


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I don't consider myself long term yet. It has been 17 months and I am still here! NED and just returned from a trip to India! Hope and clarity wished for you...

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My tumor was large and had a ratical nephrectomy October 2016. I like to get busy with life and work and trying to publish my first book next month so i dont come here often. But I ride horses and work and travel and do all the normal things

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Stage 3 here. Had a 13 cm tumor...right nephrectomy in December 2013 and I have had NED reports since then! Am approaching my 5 year mark with no recurrences! 


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I will be celebrating 10 years on March 25th.

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