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Anti Cancer Dietary information?

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Many of you are very well-versed in dietary and naturopathic remedies to prevent or increase the body’s resistance to cancer. Could you recommend any good books or websites to start my education on this subject? Thanks for any information you can share!

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Knockout- by Suzanne Somers-- great insight into the cancer industry- she interviews
top doctors who left standard cancer hospitals and pursued integrative medicine- this
is the first book I read that started my entire interest in integrative cancer treatment-
Great book and very informative. 

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients - Russell Blaylock  - I use this for reference all the time.
Great info on supplements - what they do, ones that make chemo and radiation work better, and
what to avoid in your diet. By the time I met with my integrative doctor, I had some idea of
why he was recommending certain supplements.

The Gene Therapy Plan -- Dr. Mitchell Gaynor-  he was the oncologist who got me to remission.
Dr. Gaynor believed that food and supplements can change the expression of your genes. You
want to get your mutated genes back to normal. It is all about how your genes are expressed.

Radical Remission - Kelly Turner-  excellent book- about patients who were supposed to die
but went into remission- talks about the 9 things they all had in common.

websites -  www.mercola.com,  www.thetruthaboutcancer.com, www.lef.org (learned about
this site in the book Knockout. Also read www.naturalnews.com (they have a new website
on cancer treatment, cancer.news, and other side websites- they publish alot of info on supplements.

Happy reading.


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I love all the references above, along with Dr. Mercola who is one of my favorites!!

I added Dr. Cowan out of San Francisco to my treatment team. He supplied me with a diet, as well as other supplements to increase my immune system.  If you Google him you can find a wealth of information. He started out as a medical doctor, with his own practice and working in emergency rooms on the east coast. He hated that he was only treating the symptoms and not the cause, as he seen many patients return time after time.  He then began studying alternative treatments and prescribing them alongside traditional treatments and began seeing phenomenal results. He's worth looking in to. His payment plan is reasonable and he sees patients all over the world, through phone appointments.  His web link is https://fourfoldhealing.com/


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Thank you so much, Takingcontrol and Charissa.  I can see I have a lot reading to do!

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Has anyone tried Essiac Tea.  My daughter (who researches everything) sent this to me after my diagnosis.  It supposedly slows down cancer cells.  Doing some reading some people swear by it.  I have been drinking it.  I am finding it quite drinkable so it shouldn’t hurt.

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try to find Dr. William Li's TED Talk, he is an MD who has done research on the antigenic diet. His talk is called "Can we eat to. Starve cancer?"  His website is www.eattobeat.org

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Thank you, Mugs and Violet. Off to google...

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