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A bit anxious!

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I'm feeling a bit anxious today.

Tomorrow I meet with my oncology doctor, for the first time since my last treatment on November 8th, to go over my blood work.

Her office told me that I would not have a CT Scan again for another 3 months, which I am uncomfortable with, as I have been on disability. If I go back to work and find out 3 months from now that the cancer has returned I would have to deal with the whole disability situation all over again, which was a real pain the first time.

Has anyone else been confronted with this situation? I am going to ask the doctor to give me a CT Scan sooner ratther than later, am I wrong????


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You might want to determine if it’s an insurance issue or his feeling that you don’t need it.

If it’s not an insurance thing, I would get pushy and tell him your concerns.

You’re in charge !



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I concur. There's a lot of stuff that's driven by insurance and sometimes your doctors say no or ignore you when you request things. You can always just go to another place or independent lab for a test too.

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Finished up my chemo the end of August.  ( you can look at my bio for the details of my treatment)

Had a CT IN OCT.  all clear.  Don’t have another appt with oncologist till March 20.  I believe he’ll schedule another scan then. And do blood work.  It seems the frequency of scans depends on your oncologist preferences.  I was told by various providers it’d be every 3 months, by another every 4, ended up with every 6.   It’s my choice and I’m comfortable with it.  I think that’s the main thing, you have to be comfortable With the frequency and your treatments.  If you want one, ask, doubt it would be a problem 

all the best 


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My CT scans were 3-4 month intervals for 8 years, until I was 2 years past my last surgery, and the CEA tests stayed steady. After having it show back up twice, I was happy my oncologist was conservative about it. I'd press for the scan..............................................Dave

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I had my surgery in May of 2016. I had a CT scan in June 2016, then another 6 months later. My oncologist said that protocol is once a year for me. My cancer was stage III with no lymph involvement. It was stage III because of the location (very close to verge) and size of the tumor. I had the routine chemo/radiation but had to stop after 3 weeks. It did reduce the size of the tumor. My surgeon told me after the surgery that I was cancer free. He believed that he got all of it but recommended followup chemo which I did for about 8 months (stopping now an then because of low white cell count).

I had my after chemo scan January 2017. Everything was clear.

All that being said... I think it depends on many factors. I wanted to do CT scans once every 3 months and my oncologist said that's not the protocol for your situation. I have to trust his knowledge. I had a third CT scan 12/17 (1 year) and there are small 2 nodules in my left lung. Now I have to wait the 3 months to see if they disappear or grow. 


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Went over blood work with Onc and al is looking good, but we did move up the next CT Scan to 2/23 and will go over the results on 2/26. If I hear the words "your clean", back to work I go!


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Great and so glad to hear that the results were good.  It's a good idea to move up the scans just to make sure that things are still stable.  Wishing you well and congrats on the good blood work.


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Thanks Kim!

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