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I care for my 93 yr old mother with farily severe dementia. she has for some time a shortness of breath, horseness, and trouble swallowing. she also has had an ongoing cough. she recently(Saturday AM) woke from her sleep with a mouth full of blood. I cleand her up and took her into the emergancy room. while there she had an xray of her chest which showed a mass in her right lung. we have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow. The docs think the mass is cancer but thought the CT scan while not sure would be somewhat more conclusive. 

Since the saturday she has gotten much better, cough has subsided and no sign of blood. My question, is this normal, i.e., for someone with cancer to have symphoms to come and go in a matter of days. I was in shock on Saturday and starting to plan for the worst but now I'm not sure what to expect. I know the CT scan results should help with this but wondered. 


thanks for any insight... 


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    Very hard to tell what is

    Very hard to tell what is going on at this point. More tests will help the doctors figure this out. Wishing you and your mom the best.

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    If she hasn't had the ct scan yet I would definetly call her Dr. and arrange for one. I am surprised that the emergency room Dr. on call did not do one. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 8 years ago, I had all the same symptoms as your mom, it was the coughing up blood which led me to the emergency room. first they did a chest xray and confirmed it was a mass (same place as your moms) then they did a ctscan. Turns out I was a stage 111A. Prior to that the only symptom I had was a cough. The Dr. who treated me through the ER told me based on the size of the mass in my lung that I had been walking around for years with it and never knew it. Most lung cancers do not show symptoms until they are in advanced stages. I truly hope that it is something else that is going on with your mom, I'm not a Doctor, but it sure sounds familiar to how I found out. Please insist she have one, and keep us posted, You are more than welcomed to touch base with me if you have any questions.