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Tomorrow is almost here!

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Well, I finally have my surgery tomorrow morning.  Open partial on my right kidney.  Praying they get it all and that is the end of it inside me.  I really appreciate all of the information and support from this group.  You guys are all awesome.  I'll check back in once I'm able to get online and type.  Big step into a new chapter in my life.

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I know thats easy for me to say. but you will feel a lot better emotionally this time tomorrow. As far as a little pain you will look back and realize it wasn't that bad . It sure beats the alternative.



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I am 5 weeks post surgery and the resting/healing part is better than the pre-surgery worrying, etc.  Just rest when you get home; it's not that bad, or at least mine wasn't.  I was off work 4 weeks and glad I took that time.  Been at work this week and doing well.  Wish you all the best for a great recovery. 

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Well Cybball, best thing you did is come here and get our loving support and information! I know it really helped me over 4 years ago~

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and forward as you start your recovery. Remember the gas they use to blow up the abdomen is for the surgeon to be able to SEE. It can get trapped afterwards, like mostly in shoulders. AND it hurts! But remember, its ONLY gas, not a complication. I swung my arm around and around to move it along. Gas X and other products really don't work, since it is outside of the intestines. It DOES go away and hence so does your pain. 

WALK as much as you can , but remember to REST, even when you start to feel better. I was told no exercise for 30 days. 

Let us know how you are doing. Sending you healing vibes, and a good recovery!

Hugs, Jan

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That's part of what got me through it. You'll do great. Everyone has given you excellent advice. What Jan said is really important. Walk as soon and as much as you're able. That will get you out of the hospital faster. And definitely rest a lot. Listen to your body, and remember that after surgery it won't be in the same shape it was just a few hours/days before. Allow youself that healing time; you deserve that. Best of luck tomorrow!

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Yes!! Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery!

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Bay Area Guy
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May your surgery be uneventful and your recovery swift!

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Prayers to you! And most of all praying for a speedy recovery! 

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Thinking of you today and sending prayers for successful surgery and recovery.  

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thoughts and prayers your way  for successful surgery and speedy recovery today

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Wishing you the very best!

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Wishing you the very best also...

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Prayers for succesful surgery.

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My prayers go out to you and for a speedy recovery.

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