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Day 1

Desert Rat
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Joined: Jan 2018

Just met with the urologist today and he confirmed that he's the mass is probably cancer.  Looks like surgery early next week.  Glad I found this group I'm sure I'll find a lot of information and real life experiences.  So I'm glad to meet all of you but wish it were under better circumstances.

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Desert Rat.



Lets hope for a boring and uneventful recovery. Find a good recliner for the Superbowl.




BoondockSaint's picture
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Joined: Mar 2017

Yep.......in this case (Surgery).....Boring is good.

keep us posted.

Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

and good luck

Pleased to hear you won’t have long to wait..then you can focus on the new you

sincere wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery




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Sending you good vibes and prayers for a speedy recovery and uneventful durgery.

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But you'll get through the surgery and recovery before you know it. That's easy to say once we've had the procedure, I know. But it will be ok and it will get better. Best of luck next week!

Desert Rat
Posts: 2
Joined: Jan 2018

Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, I was thinking the surgery would be the easy part.  I've had different surgeries before and the post op work is always the toughest part. 

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Welcome to the group, but sorry you had to join. Please feel free to ask anything!!!!

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Post op wasn't so bad at all. Wouldn't want to repeat it but it was not nearly as bad as I had feared. All the best to you and hopefully soon this will all be behind you.

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Joined: Jan 2018

welcome desert rat...good luck on your surgery...as iceman said..lets hope for boring...that is a good thing..thoughts and prayers to you.....i am on my 6th week post op and i am also glad i found this site and all the wonderful people here...they have helped out greatlyCool

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