First Meeting with Medical Oncologist

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Had my first meeting with an oncologist today to review my pathology report.  He certainly had some insights that I hadn't heard from the Urologist, nor did I absorb while looking at Path report.  First, he said my left kidney had 3 tumors:  4cm, 2cm and a cyst with cancerous cells.  He said that one kidney was pretty well destroyed.  We spent a great deal of time talking about the aggressiveness of my cancer (Stage 1/Grade 3) which together with the multi tumors caused him greater concern on possible reoccurance down the road.  Still, he stated I probably have a 10% chance of reoccurance and therefore 90% of it not coming back.  I really liked this doctor; specializes in kidney/prostate cancer in Louisville and says his practice is about 20% RCC.  He mentioned some studies he's conducting and that I could possibly take Stutent, but he doesn't recommend anyone in Stage 1 doing so, unless other reasons apply.  He said he would if I was adamant but that might improve my odds 8%, but there were significant side effects.  Finally, and probably my most concerning aspect, he said there was a lesion on my liver that was not defined as cancerous and not cleared either.  Indeterminite I believe he said.  So, I'm having an MRI and CAT scan later this week and will meet with him again in a week to discuss.  He reiterated they were scheduling so soon not because he felt it was urgent but more for me and my peace of mind.  So, guess i'll be more anxious the next week while I wait for this.  Thanks.  Steve


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    It's actually good he's doing scans this soon. It will give a good post-surgical baseline from which to measure future scans. There can be scar tissue as a result of the surgery. If they wait too long to do a scan, they may have issues telling a new growth from existing scar tissue. Sounds like you have a good doctor!