Surgery tomorrow

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Right Robotic Partial. Ready for it to be over. Any words of wisdom?


  • Cybball
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    No real words of wisdom, as

    No real words of wisdom, as my surgery is Friday, but wishing you well.  We will share this week as a new stepping stone to recovery and healing and hopefully a cure.  I'll say some prayers for you.

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    You guys should be ready to enjoy the superbowl with somene else doing the catering.



  • Nanaof10
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    Best of luck to you as well. Prayers!! Won't be watching :) Will be a very quiet day at our house.

  • stub1969
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    Put your trust in your surgical team and feel confident that they will take care of you.  Other than that--wishing you only the best.  Update us when you can.


  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    What the wonderful Iceman and Stubb said

    This time next week you will be home and on your way

    you wont have any major problems just  strap yourself in and focus on the  other side

    good luck 



  • ImNotDeadYet
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    Look for the positive

    You'll have service at your beck and call with the press of a button. Once you're over the anesthesia, you'll be able to order room service, and assuming you have insurance, they'll pay for it. And also too, the pain meds!!!

    All kidding aside, I hope everything goes well and you're feeling like yourself again soon. Be kind to yourself during recovery, and listen to your body. Healing takes time, both physically and mentally.

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    Good luck

    For a fast recovery! Sending prayers your way


  • adman
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    Wishing you well & a speedy recovery...

    Just breathe and know the Good Lord is good & compassionate. 

    You will do great!! 

    A day at a time. 

  • AnnissaP
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    I wish u all the best! Allow

    I wish u all the best! Allow people to help and be kind to yourself. 

  • Steve.Adam
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    I also wish you well

    No advice. You'll be the expert soon. All the best.


  • APny
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    Will be thinking of you! All

    Will be thinking of you! All the very best and wishing you a boring, uneventful surgery and recovery. My only words of wisdom are to get up and walk as soon as they want you to. It'll help in recovery and also to relieve the gas that may be trapped from the surgery.

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    Thinking of you and hope you

    Thinking of you and hope you recover quickly. 

  • kiwi68
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    Best Wishes

    Remember to take it easy, slowly, keep moving, breathing, eating and in a week you will be home, 2 weeks up and about, 1 month not too bad and by 2 months everything will seem quite normal.    Thoughts are with you. 

  • Cinnamongirl
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    Speedy recovery

    Wishing you both a speedy recovery! Best of luck to you both!

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    wishing you the best nanaof10

    wishing you the best nanaof10...speedy recovery and enjoy your down time