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Doing the Tango

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thank you for all the support and advice...

I saw my doctor today...my latest PET was last Thursday and praise God it appears my treatments have worked and I am dancing with NED...

it's still early and will continue to be watched but for now my doctor was beyond happy and said that the scans looked even better than he had hoped for. I will forever be grateful to him because he not only treated my cancer (he was my radiology oncologist) but he is the one who discovered the cancer had traveled to lymph glands in my neck and it was simply by chance that they were caught on the film at the edge of the scan. He is truly an angel on earth...

So I figure if I am dancing with NED I am doing the TANGO...(and by the way NED totally looks like Maks or Gleb from Dancing with the Stars)...

you are all in my prayers...may we all have great dances and full lives ahead...

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So happy for your news! 

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so happy for you! Thanks for sharing.

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May your dance be long and sweet.

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I am so happy for you!!!! That is the best news. Wow. Gives us hope.

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Congratulations! What wonderful news! 

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What an accomplishment to get to NED from Stage 4b. You give us all hope. Thank you for sharing your update. Wishing you the longest tango ever!

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So ... bubbly, wine, beer or San Pellegrino? Whatever your preference, break it out! Congrats! Hope that you have nice comfy shoes for a nice long tango with Mr. Ned!

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Wha-whoo!!  Cha-cha-cha!


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That's wondeful news!!!!



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best boyfriend we could have!!!!  (aside from diamonds being our best friend!)

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and he's so handsome...and kind...and a great dancer...and he tells me I am pretty...

when I asked my Dr. Angel about my scans I said "are you saying these are GOOD scans? and there are no bad little glowing things on it?" and when he said "yes" I had to kiss the top of his darling head (we were in his office)...he keeps the angel I gave him on his desk because I told him he had to remember each and every day that getting a Stage 4b UPSC woman into NED was his job...and now he needs to keep me there...I plan to keep NED as my boyfriend even if I ever get an actual boyfriend lol...

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That is wonderful news.  Hope you dance forever with NED!



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