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Avastin - Updated Treatment

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Recurring Uterine Cancer here.  This has been going on for two years now.  Never have been NED, have been told no cure.  Did the chemo carbo/taxil, radiation (second time), hormone therapy and then started Doxil in Sept. of 17.  Doxil after the third treatment burned my upper body, blisters, etc.  Feet began to peel but not bad.  Doctor had never seen a burn like that.  Took me off Doxil and now starting Avastin today.  Only side effect he informed me of was headache and nose bleed.  Of course I read more when I search it.   He has already stated that Avastin is a temp treatment as it probable will not work, plus I have a cruise (first timer) in March and I certainly dont want to be going thru Doxil side effects then.  Once I return, back to Doxil, lower dosage and add steroids before and after treatment.   Basically feel they dont really know what to do with me.  I saw a doctor at MDA for a second opinion little over a year ago, he also suggested Doxil for the rest of my life.  Now I am thinking about going back to him this summer, show him the pictures from the reaction, and see what he has to say the second time.  Frustrated a little here but keeping that "postive" attitude everyone keeps telling me to have.


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Have you had genomic profiling of your tumor done? If not, please get it done through Foundation One. They may be able to identify a bunch of clinical trial you qualify for. So sorry that you have been going through this for the last two years. I hope your medical team will find an effective therapy. Wishing you a great time on your cruise and beyond!

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Lou Ann M
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i was on Topotecan for a short time after Taxol and Carbo.  Doxil for seven rounds.  It caused burning of my feet and hands, before it caused a bowel blockage.   Tried Avastin for a very short time. Lots of fatigue and a mild heart attack.  I am now immunotherapy, Keytruda.  It gave me an extra year and a half of time.  My oncolo just ordered a biopsy for Foundation one testing to see if it can come up with something new.  Also looking into timorsalim. That has shown some stability in clinical trials for aunertine cancer.  There is always hope out there

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Although you had a 2nd opinion I think it might be worthwhile to not only go back to the onco who provided the 2nd opinion but to seek a 3rd opinion (or more) to ensure you have the best info and as many options as possible. As others have said, you should also request genomic profiling by Foundation One or another provider of these services. These days there's a greater possibility that there's a treatment such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy or drug, and/or a range of clinical trials that may work. Keep on truckin' and stay strong and positive!

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