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I'll give you a run down on how I gave myself that nickname, so here goes:

1] My heart in 2003 decided it wanted to be a racehorse, but w/o me having to do any running.  It would go from my usual of 65 BPM to 250 BPM at the snap of the fingers.  So had to have cryoablation done to freeze several 'circuits' in my heart, but after 3 1/2 hrs. of that they still counldn't find the problem and pulled out.  They keep you in a twilight state so I could converse with the surgical staff how I'm feeling.


2]Liver Xplant in 2008 d/t Non-Alcoholic Cirrosis.  All went well except for a little mild rejection, and trouble with my short term memory r/t postop IV steroids.  The Xplant also changed my blood type, & made me Diabetic along with taking 3 BP meds, and on anti-rejection meds for life, not to mention 2 bucketfuls of meds twice a day.


3]I have 3 Titanium Vertebra T7, T8, & T11. Which while I am able to walk just fine, pain & I have become old friends.  I take, depending on pain level 90 - 180 of Oxy/day to stay vertical and not walk around hunched over like I am 90.


4] I have bio-cable in my L Wrist & L Calf so the muscles will function to lift, grab, & walk.  Courtesy of being a Combat Medic in the Army.


5] I also took a bayonet to the abdomen whilst in the Army as well, that took a bit to recover from.


6] Took a AK-47 round to the upper tibia of my R leg, Army as well.


7] Knife wound to my R bicep.


8] Numerous bilateral knee surgeries the R has had more done than the L. R is due for replacement.


9] R ankle surgery due to Fx and Bone chips floating around in there.


10] Broken R Patella. It broke entirely in two, not fun.


11] And now... Found out after my 10 year Liver Xplant Annual 2 weeks ago [Mayo Clinic Jacksonville] was perfect. :) 

After the good news came the not so good news.  They discovered a mass on my R Kidney about 2 1/2" x 3.0".

There was not a sign at my 9 year Xplant Annual, but surprise there was something new this year.  Pre-Op workups will start on 06 Feb. with the surgery on 13 Feb.  Had to chew on the Dr. a bit as it had be the day before Valentine's. >:)Dr. is hoping they will only have to take 1/2 the kidney, but if it has spread throughout the entire kidney then out it comes.  I'll also lose a rib as well.  Joked with my wife today, maybe I'll to bring the rib home with me. You know, 'The Lord God caused Adam to sleep...everyone should know the rest. :)  She got a laugh out of it.

Now perhaps you can see while I gave myself that moniker.


On a lighter note I have a great & loving wife. We have 6 children, 4 boys & 2 girls aged, 25, 23, 21, 19, 15, & 13 y/o.


My wife was Dx'd with Multiple Sclerosis 8 months after my Xplant in 2008.  She didn't get her first flare until last year and really hit hard.  Then her 2nd Flare 5 months later.  She is still able to walk, talk, and do most other things, but she has a quad cane which she hates, and uses the electric wheelchairs when we go out shopping.

Our standing joke is, That we have really put that In Sickness & In Health clause in the Wedding Vows to the test. LOL

Found out after my 10 year Liver Xplant Annual [Mayo Clinic Jacksonville] was perfect. :) 

After the good news came the not so good news.  They discovered a mass on my R Kidney about 2 1/2" x 3.0".

There was not a sign at my 9 year Xplant Annual, but surprise there was something new this year.


As the Great Paul Harvey used to say, 'And now you know the rest of the story.'


So any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Maddoc and welcome to the forum.

You haven't said much about the kidney mass except for the size. If it was not there on the previous scan then it has grown very quickly. What do the doctors say about it? Are those measurements really in inches?

About MS, you might want to google Terry Wahls. (It might not help but it is very interesting.)


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Please double check  the size or the mass so we can be reassurinng. You say it is 2 1/2" by 3 1/2". They are usually maesured in cm. You also say that they are considering a partial   which is much more consistant with 2 x 3 cm.




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I grew UP with standard American Measuremnets not Metric so I asked them to translate it for me.  So are you a Marvel Comics Fan or a Top Gun fan with a handle like ICE MAN?  I was Navy before I was Army & we got to see Top Gun for free at NRTC Great Lakes.  Bonus was I was already going into Aviation, as an AQ - Aviation Fire Control on A-6 Intruders with VA-165 BOOMERS NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND, WA.  Loved It!

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"We'll make him better, faster, stronger than he was."  doot------doot----doot--doot--doot

Welcome to the group.

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six children and a liver tx..this will just be another day in hospital for you with a little bit of extra pain added in

what tests did / do on your liver

you are one lucky guy if it turns out to be something nasty

what ct tests have you had done

have they said it is likey to be something nasty

try to stay calm and we are always here



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You haven't been pregnant yet! But you seem well prepared Maddoc. Just be  carefull. Don't let this be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Many people worry about how cancer impacts their lives. Then they forget how to live. I hope everyone can learn from your ability to take a hit.

On the other hand, we're all here helping each other. Glad you found us.

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From 2 1/2 years ago.  Comments still relevant.  Hope Maddoc and wife are still kicking and not the bucket.

My hubby and I married while still at the University...and if you didn't have an 8 o'clock class you didn't have to get up.  I always told him I married him "for better or worse,' but not for breakfast and lunch.  We've been married 56 years.

Best wishes to all.

donna_lee  Big surprise to see my buddy, Fox.  


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