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Pre-Op visit today

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Cleared for Right Robotic partial surgery next Wednesday. NO colon cleanse! Yeah! No special diet, BUT strongly recommended that I do a soft diet Monday and Tuesday. Current medicine directive given. General anesthesia with a nerve block before recovery! SO excited about that too. 

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Thats easier to say after you have been nephed. Really you will look back and say why was I worried so much. Secret-we all were.



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Canadian Sandy
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I like the NO colon cleanse. You have a great attitude Nana.

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Wow.  I'm excited for you!!  I get to do a cleanse next Thursday.  Super excited!  LOL

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Although I was expecting it, I didn't have to have a colon cleanse prior to surgery either.  I had to stop eating by 6:00 pm the night before and could only have clear liquids up to two hours prior to surgery.  Piece of cake!

Good luck, Nana and Cybball.  Keep us updated.


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for your kind thoughts. I'm actually a WHOLE lot calmer since my visit. I not only spoke with my team nurse, I also spoke with my team doctor who will follow me along with my surgeon. They both took the time to throughly answer all my questions as well as answer the ones I DIDN'T think to ask. I will speak to my anesthesiologist on surgery morning. Team Dr consulted with my heart dr as well. I am SO READY for this. Time is ticking like every minute is a year. I have to stop eating / drinking @ 11:30 pm the night before with only a sip of water to take my heart medicine. No such luck for me stub lol.  Cybball, so sorry about the cleanse. I'll hopefully be coming home the day you go in. Keep us posted!

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one step closer to a cancer free you

hope you have plenty of rest scheduled and everyone ready to spoil you


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Bay Area Guy
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Best wihes for a surgery that is dull and boring and a recovery that is swift and pain free.

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Yep. Got the game plan all figured out for 2 weeks of being waited on hand and foot. lol My 2 daughters are taking turns 'babysitting' me during the day thru the week while my SO is at work and then he takes over in the evenings and weekends. Getting my house in order and things lined up to live in my recliner for 2 weeks. :)  

Thanks Bay! From your lips to Gods ear.

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So glad you are settled and ready!! You got this!!

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