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Wanted to share my good news. I had NED yesterday for my scans. It's been 3 years since my adrenal tumor.

I thought ya'll might be interested in my doc's prognosis. When I had the metastasis to my adrenal 3 years ago, doctor said I had a 66% chance of it coming back somewhere. I got another opinion and the other oncologist said somewhere between 50-66% chance.

My doc hasn't been willing to give me a percentage the past few years, but yesterday I pushed him a little and he said the risk is more like 10-20% now. I'm quite happy with that. It's similar to my risk after my nephrectomy (which was stage 3 grade 3) 5 years ago.

Now I have to get back on my food plan and exercise plan which I fell off of over the holidays. Gained 2/3 of the weight I lost last year back. I want to get back where I was. I felt a lot better at the lower weight.



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Three years NED sounds pretty good to me. Long may it continue.

I also have some weight to lose (again).


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a) That is brilliant news... so happy for you...the relief must be great


 b) that is a massive change in the %...I pray.. it will continue..


c) are you scheduled for Life scans.



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Thanks! What are Life scans?

My doc says he has no plans to ever stop this. I'm less thrilled about that. I'd like to move to 4 months now, but he doesn't agree. I moved this one on my own. Eventually, I'd like to go to 6 months at least. It's a 1-2 hour drive each way to see them and I have to go twice to do this, so it means missing 2 days of work every 3 months.


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That’s what I meant... scans for life

oh dear that is a burden but  it must take some of the fear away( in a funny reverse way)

you have a good guy on your case



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That's awesome!!  Thanks for sharing the wonderful news!!

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Great news!  I too am getting back to my pre-holiday, pre-surgery weight.  I've gained 10 pounds and don't like it at all.  Happy to hear your news Todd.

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congratulations, hope you get many more NEDs.

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Whew!! Congratulations and great news. Keep on keepin on!!

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I think by now you know that I expect a long future for you. No doubts whatsoever. I wish i could place a bet. It has always been a sure thing.

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Great news!

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Congratulations on the good news.

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Congrats on the three-year NED!

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This is amazing news ! So nice to here some good news !

i had my results on my chest scan on Monday and they have said they are sure it’s not a met from the lung and some inflammation from somewhere , so I’m being forwarded to see a lung specialist ! All part of the rollercoaster I guess !!!

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Canadian Sandy
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Great news! Congratulations.

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Awesome news my friend!! Best thing I've read all morning.

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Wonderful news!!! 

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Wonderful news Todd


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Great News! Ugh the after holidays weight gain, always a problem here.  Good luck!

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Well done!  Super excited for your news.  That has to feel great hearing that.

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WOnderful news!  I hope to hear NED in March as well.!

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Congratulations! Your granddaughter needs her grandad, and you'll be healthy and around for her for a long-long time! :-)

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So glad to hear the news.  It's what keeps us all with our fingers crossed for the rest of the gang.  May all news be good news in 2018.  And that's a motion we all can vote pro on.

Hugs to you,


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Great news! May all be blessed with NED

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Congratulations! Great news!

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Appreciate all the notes. We all need all the good news we can get. I always look forward to hearing it here.



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The kind of news we like to hear.  Congratulations, Todd.  May you have many years of NED.


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Very happy to hear the good news and to hear from you!  Now get to work in lossing those extra pounds!

 Donna_Lee, love your new pic!Kiss


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Awesome news, Todd!! And, that lower recurrence % has to make you feel good..:)  Wishing you the best ...~Panda~

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such great news; Continued great news and health.

God Bless! 

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Gongrats, we all know it won't get to 0%, but hope the doctor will give you a lower number everytime you meet him!

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Congrats, Todd!  :-)

I get my quarterly scan in 10 days. I hope mine is as good a yours.

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Great news. Very happy for you. My next scans are on the 26th.

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i just had my nephrectomy on dec 20th.....i have lost 14 pounds over the holidays...unfortunatly not the way i wanted too....glad to hear your good news......hope my first scan is as good in march.....best of luck to you  

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Skagway Jack
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Great news Todd!  Ya gotta like them odds!


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Way to go Todd! That is awesome news!

Big hugs


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Awesome news!!

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Awesome news Todd! you made my night! keep it up!


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Mighty Frog
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Glad to hear that! Yes... being lighter is Great! Keep it up! Man.... U can do it!

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Thats wonderful news ! 

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NED is always good.

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Congratulations, Todd!!!

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congrats; awesome news. Three letters I never grow tired of seeing in that order :)

God Bless! 

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Comgrats! That's great news!

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