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Is there any difference between xeloda and 5-FU?

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which do you think it works best? The doctor is thinking about switching me to xeloda, but i'm not sure if i should. I understand the convenience of not having the pump, but i'm not sure which one will be better.

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My initial chemo was Oxiliplatin and Xeloda. Lots of information on this (Google).

My take, Xeloda has better RR’s (response rates) in clinical trials with limited downsides.

If you have a choice I would go with the Xeloda.

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One hits the kidneys and the other hits the liver (my oncologist told me this last week). Xeloda has higher toxicity. It also costs far more.

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which medicine does what?

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My choice was the capecitabine for the convenience and control of taking a pill as opposed to an injection, plus my understanding was that it it slightly more effective than the injection.

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As far as the effects go, I breezed through 5-Fu.  I think it had something to do with the dose of the oxaliplatin.  When I was with 5-Fu, the oxaliplatin wasn't too strong, at least as far as how my body felt.  When I shifted to xeloda (because of convenience) the oxaliplatin was probably on a higher dose it knocked me down.  I think it is reasonable to assume that the xeloda is more of a higher counting (sorry I'm just using the layman's term because I'm no doctor) because 12 cycles of 5-Fu when converted to Capecitabine is only 8.  The only downside with xeloda is I think based from what I read and accounts from others, it kinda affects the heart.  I was also having palpitations while I was at it.  I'm back on it now and so far I've also had some irregular heartbeats.  If ever you decide with the xeloda, just empty your bladder frequently by drinking lots of water.

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Xeloda to me was given in pill form for 6 weeks while doing radiation.  Tolerated it very well but after radiation and surgery went on Folfox (IV) and with the oxy it just kicked my butt.  Felt terrible and couldn't really get through it but did.  Some people breeze through both and work through it, me the Xeloda was easier but I'm not sure if it has the same potency as Folfox because it doesn't incorport the other drugs with it.  Hard decision to make.  Hope that all goes well.


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Thank you all for the input. i guess i will follow doctor's advice.

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