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Struggling with how I am progressing

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My journey starts with trouble swallowing in March/April 2017. After two endoscopes and gallbladder surgery, I was diagnosed July 2017 with stomach cancer and had a total gastrectomy, removal of spleen and 13 lymph node tissue. I had a mass that was 12X7cm. It was all involved and all 13 nodes were involved.  It was considered stage 3.  


Following a 4-week recovery, I went through 6 rounds of chemo and had gone through 15 of 25 rounds of radiation before having falling issues and extreme weakness.  I have lost about 100 lbs.  I ended up in the hospital multiple times during the entire month of November for weakness, and basically bottoming out from the chemo and radiation, then DVT, and a bleeding episode from the constipation.


My biggest issues now constant nausea and vomiting, selecting food, continued constipation, intestinal pain and still trying to build back my strength and get around without a walker.   I am doing physical therapy several days a week and at home, but I find days to have lots of ups and downs.


I am 6 months in now and it seems like people find some sense of normalcy.  I have not found that and continue to struggle.  


What am I doing wrong?

 What do people find works in dealing with the issues that I outlined? 

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My sister had tomach cancer dx in March 2017  no surgery was thought to help,. Went through mabye 6-8 rounds chemo 3-4 radiation, lost 100 pounds, had remission but I have never felt good! even when they saif I am in remission. i stopped all chemo and all radiation and all treatment about 4 months ago and am getting weaker and weaqker and more tired all the time. Always feels like she is "dying from the inside out" and her red blood count is always very very low. She cannot eat much and when she does she has to get up from table and go vomit?  they told her she had a year and is now in her 11 month from being told that I think. I know no one can tell you for sure but can someone give me an idea of her survival time, just a ball park figure. We are all going crazy at my house. Thank you and God bless you all

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Hello, how is your sister doing? my dad has a similar situation happening right now. Have they looked into Keytruda-immunotherapy??

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