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Path report on husband’s new tumor and adrenal gland: Miracles do happen.

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I posted about the 4 cm ish small bowel tumor they found when my husband went for his 4 year follow up scans for his chromophobe kidney cancer diagnosis. The tumor appeared out of nowhere and was not on his CT scan from 9 months ago. We were told to expect ladenocarcinoma or another cancer, metastatic disease was less likely. While waiting several weeks for surgery, the tumor unexpectedly caused his small intestine to become fully obstruted. Yet again, we drag our daughter out of bed and rush to the ER. It was like relieving 4 years all over again. The next day they perform the surgery, and he spends 10 days in the hospital. The pathology report took 12 days, with genetic testing as well. We got an email from the oncologist stating the tumor was a rare benign tumor. The genetic testing confirmed it. He will need to have MRI’s for the rest of his life (it’s apparently common to recur) but it won‘t spread. And the small spot on his remaining adrenal gland was a non-functioning adenoma.   So I’m here to say have faith. 

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I've been thinking about you waiting for an update.  So glad hearing this news.    I can only imagine the level of weight that has been lifted off your shoulders.  Take care!


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I have been thinking of you a lot lately and Stub's words are spot on!!  You must be so relieved!!

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So happy it turned out to be the best possible result! Hope your hubby is recovering well!

I am always thankful for the good news items!



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and he is on the mend

you have had your scares... hopefully plain sailing from here on in



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So happy for the results. Now you can relax. Hoping for quick recovery!

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So happy for you that this was a benign tumor.  Hoping your husband has a fast recovery. 

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cancer would not be so entertaining. Never knowing what is around the corner. Happy to hear it was benign. Hooray for follow up tests.

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Bay Area Guy
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Great news!  MRI's for the rest of ones life are a very, very small price to pay in exchange for the reports you just got.

Make sure you have a lot of pillows handy for him while he recovers from the abdominal surgery.  I've been unfortunate enough to have gone through two surgeries on my abdomen, both the result of my intestines twisting, once into a knot when it rotated 540 degrees (THAT was painful).  When the major muscles in his abdomen start to knit back together, it's going to be pretty uncomfortable for him.  Clutching a pillow to his belly will help support the muscles and at least ease (but not eliminate) the pain.  Best wishes for him and for you and your daughter.

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So glad to hear the news, happy new year and healthy new year!

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Thats  great ! Heres to a speedy recovery. Seems this journey has all kinds of twists and turns. Hopefully now it will be uneventful and boring from now on.

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So glad it was benign, It's time to relax and enjoy life


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Deep sigh of relief.


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Whew! Glad it was good news, but sorry about the surgery.

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Such great news what a blessing. 

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Mighty Frog
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What! a Great News! 

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WOW !!!!!! Fantastic!!!! So happy! :-)

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Only my husband gets a rare non cancer tumor that has a high chance of recurring AND may be associted with a genetic condition for colon cancer that could also effect my young daughter!! So the saga continues, sigh. Waiting on colonoscopy appointmen. . . Oncologist says if there is even 1 polyp they will do the genetic testing for the syndrom. Wish us luck! I can’t imagine taking my 12 year old for colonoscoplies :(

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Keeping fingers crossed for you. Hopefully it won't be necessary for your daughter. I would think if it was a genetically determined thing he'd have had these tumors before, no? What are the chances that it's genetic but he just developed a single one now?

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I can’t believe we never thought to ask this. Colon cancer is in his family but oncologist never felt it was necessary to do colonoscopy earlier than 50 when we discussed family history 4 years ago at the time of his kidney cancer (chromophobe, not clear cell). I’m second guessing myself for not pushing the issue (his Grandma beat colon cancer in the 1940’s to live a long life, his aunt died from it, his mom had polyps in her 50’s. All three of his older siblings are clear! Fingers crossed! 

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Happy to hear this is not a gastric carcinoma!   

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