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VATS Wedge Surgery: Colon Cancer Spread to Lungs

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I’d like to know if anyone has undergone VATS Wedge Surgery. I am scheduled for one this Thursday for Lung Biopsy And I would like to know about their recovery. Thanks!

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I had VATS in 4/09 to remove small lung tumor - it was super easy surgery.  The first day I felt sick, but that was because of morphine given to me due to pain from the phrenic nerve..  Surgery was Friday - off pain pills on Monday.  Digging in the yard 3 weeks later.


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Thank you Betsy for the well wishes. Good luck on your journey❤️

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Just saw this and I am guessing you are out of surgery by now and things went well for you.

But in case anyone comes across this thread, maybe this weill help.  I knew about a month out the surgery was and started walking and running, which I heard (and was told) was good for prep and recovery.  I was in and out of the hospital w was up and walking within 6 hours walking around the floor and out of the hospital in under 36.   I ran a bit over 3 miles exactly a week later.  I am not, and never have been, a good runner but was a decent pace, about 4.5 miles or so.  (I had not exercised in awhile, this was just on a few weeks of prep.)

The only thing I had was a spasm, just like my initial surgery, while waiting to be released.   An injection stopped it and all was good.

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