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OK. This is my last post. Sorry for spamming the forum. I just came across this NY Times article  by the author of "Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer".  I think I have heard others on this forum mentioning this book before. I now have to read the book. Learned so much about the work on cancer stem cells. I just wish the book was more recent ( the book was published in 2010) so that we could have a review of all work in cancer in the last seven years (what is still considered promising, what is now a dead end) I thought you guys might also enjoy it. 


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    I would recommend the book. 

    I would recommend the book.  It got a little complicated sometimes but there was so much history in it - it was amazing.  To read about the egos, what Dana Farber did, Mary Lasker...   The Ken Burns PBS special was equally as fascinating.  I think PBS only showed that the one time at 2015 so it would be nice for them to repeat it but you can buy it for $20 or so as well.  The book is more of history and at the end it talks about immunotherapy which hadn't been revealed for wide-spread use yet.