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A way to block treatment-resistance in the stem cells of endometrioid tumors

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Came across this paper: http://jem.rupress.org/content/214/9/2715 Basically, they prove that CD55 protein is necessary and sufficient for the self renewal and cisplatin resistance.

Here is a summary of the paper, I find this version easier to consume: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319148.php

The researchers found that high levels of CD55 protein in the stem cells of the endometrioid tumors made the cells more aggressive and caused them to develop resistance to cisplatin.

Using cultured cells and mouse models, they found that removing CD55 from the cancer stem cells made them succumb to cisplatin.

The authors explain that to effectively neutralize cancer stem cells, both their ability to self-renew and their ability to resist chemotherapy need to be addressed. However, these two processes are often controlled by separate molecular pathways.

The new study is significant because it shows how targeting CD55 may offer a way to block both self-renewal and treatment-resistance in the stem cells of endometrioid tumors.

The researchers suggest that blocking CD55 may offer a way to increase the effectiveness of cisplatin chemotherapy. It may also be possible to use the protein as a marker for certain aggressive gynecologic cancers.

This link also adds one piece of info that would be very relevant for us.

We have discovered a unique role for the CD55 complement signaling pathway in cancer as a target which offers an opportunity to prevent recurrence and associated mortality in endometrial cancer patients. Fortunately, there is already an FDA investigational drug that can inhibit the CD55 signaling pathway,” Dr. Lathia says. “We hypothesize that using this drug in combination with cisplatin will improve treatment outcomes."

If you have a treatment resistant endometrioid type of endometrial cancer, it might make sense to contact the researchers from Cleveland Clinic and see if they are ready to start a clinical trial and volunteer. 

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