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My Mother is suffering from GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME, being diagnosed on 18/11/2017 by biopsy from NIMHANS, INDIA. She was having excruciating headache associated with vomiting, 1 month back. Her MRI Scan of Brain report showed High Grade Glioma (5x3.6x4.3 cms) on 8/11/2017. She underwent operation (Craniotomy with Surgical Decompression) on 9/11/2017 at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India. She is having post operative Right sided Hemiparesis with loss of memory & speech & suffers from recurrent Urinary Tract Infection. She is currently undergoing Radio & Chemotherapy. On 6/08/2017, her Brain Tumour got revealed for the first time, by chance, after she was having occassional syncopal attacks & 3 episodes of seizure though plain CT Scan of Brain revealed nothing & Contrast enhanced CT Scan of Brain revealed a Space Occupying Lesion. But the headache & vomiting started 2 months after 1st MRI during which she was on Homeopathic Medication to avoid surgery as the MRI Report revealed a 5 x 3 cm size of a benign lesion named Choroid Plexus Papilloma. I was horribly terrified to believe that radiologically benign tumour could get malignant within this 2 month & that too a stage 4 Brain tumour. She is very much fatigued now & screams all the time mostly due to burning sensation in her urinary tract. Further she got very lean & is not able to take food by mouth also. Tears roll down her eyes for the sudden misfortune in her life. The incidents of members of this group are very much tragic but motivational. Journey of Cancer is very tough & pathetic. Hope is the standpoint we should hold on. I derive inspiration from you guys. We should keep ourselves updated & eagerly await or rather crave for an effective new approaches to treatment. I wish our friends to get well soon. I will be obliged if you kindly help me in this situation to combat this most aggressive, worst prognosis & poor survival laden Brain Tumour. I want my mother to live long & make her a part of miracle.

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Sorry for what your family is going through.   

Prof.  Thomsa Seyfried has developed non-toxic metabolic therapies specifically for GBM

Suggest taking 25 minutes to watch this video in which he summarizes the theortecial underpinnings of cancern growth and then goes into the latest therapy.  Therapy discussion starts at !3:30


And this video with Miriam Kalamian whose son had brain cancer.   She is a professisonal nutritionist who has adopted research based dietary methods and advices oncologist and patients.  Lots of good advice in this talk.


Her new book (Available at Amazon)



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