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Permanent urinary catheter and Firmagon or any HT

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Please could anyone with PC who has had a permanent urinary catheter inserted and is having Firmagon injections (HT) let me know what their experience has been?

My husband with PC has one because he could not urinate properly, and has been told that perhaps with Firmagon he´ll be able to urinate without the catherer eventually. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes.


Old Salt
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Firmagon (actually, the lowering of testosterone due to Firmagon) may change the prostate 'landscape'. Or maybe 'morphology' is a better word. This could 'free up' the urinary tract which is currently constricted by the prostate/cancer.

Just a thought, but any urologist should be able to answer your relatively straightforward question.

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Hi Old Salt,

Thanks tons. What you say makes complete sense, I´m sure that´s what could happen.

I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this happening -I mean their prostrate being no longer constricted by the cancer- to them? If so, is there some leaking or does the catherer have to go out first?

Appreciate your reply.

Have a great day.



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I cannot understand your inquire. Why is your husband bond to a permanent catheter?

Usually this aparatus is temporarily inserted to aliviate the flow of urine but the intent is to take it off once the problem is solved. Meaning that if the obstruction is cleaned then the catheter is no more required. I wonder your husband's present status. Can you share some information?

When and how was he diagnosed?

What is his clinical stage?

Was there any BPH (benign hyperplasia) identified?

Do you have copies of the biopsy report and any image study?

We can help you but you need to share more about his history. I also think it better for you to keep the initial thread so that guys here can provide you better opinions based in the overall subject.



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Hi VG,

Thanks for your reply.

Ok I guess you mean to continue in the first post I wrote? I´ll do that and try and give a more thorough picture of his clinical history. But just to answer your questions I´ll post replies here.

When and how was he diagnosed? He was diagnosed by an urologist in October/November 2017. She sent him tests and eventually carried out a biopsy, which came out positive.

What is his clinical stage? Prostate cancer with bone metastases in L2, Gleason 5 + 4,  T3 N1 M0, PSA 44

Was there any BPH (benign hyperplasia) identified? No. He had a permanent catherer inserted because the prostrate tumour constricted his urine flow and his kidneys weren´t draining properly. He hasn´t had surgery because the docter didn´t consider it a good option for him. The only treatment so far is HT Firmagon.

Do you have copies of the biopsy report and any image study? Yes I´ll summarize in my initial thread

Thanks again for your help.


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