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I was born at The Churchill Hospital.  My friend, who passed away last month, was treated at The Churchill Hospital. If I hadn't moved, I may be one of those affected. 

I couldn't believe these lines. Quote: But the memo also suggested cutting back on treatment to alleviate symptoms from six cycles to four.

"I know that many of us will find it difficult to accept these changes but the bottom line is that the current situation with limited numbers of staff is unsustainable," Dr Weaver adds.

But this is really a simple case of supply and demand.

The bottom line should be the life of the patient.  Cutting treatment from six to four could mean the life of the patient.  It seems to me that the. life of the patient, which should be uppermost, is least of their worries. 

Maybe if they (as in England) paid their nurses the wages they deserve, then their would not be a shortage. 

I hope these measures are not put into effect, and that they can come up with a solution that does not jepardize the life of the patient. 

So very, very sad. 



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I feel for those effected.

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How sad.

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