Urologist Appt tomorrow

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Just got a call from the urologists' office - they had a cancellation so I'm going in tomorrow.  I guess we'll discuss the surgery date.  Is it possible to be anxious and relieved at the same time???


  • Cybball
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    Just saw mine for the first

    Just saw mine for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I felt the same way.  Had been super anxious as no one had really told me much.  I like to have a plan in place, so when we spoke, he gave me a plan (eventually a few days later his office called with an exact date).  This was a huge relief for me.  I was as excited as I could have been to hear he would be removing my tumor.  

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    Yes it is. Bring someone with

    Yes it is. Bring someone with you to take notes because you will be stressed. When I went my blood pressure was 150/100