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Future Follow Ups

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Hi all,

A while ago I was comparing the follow up scans you North Americans get to mine here in south east Queensland, Australia.

I thought they were going to say good bye and leave any follow up scans to my GP (PCP).

But, I was wrong. The urology dept. of my closest hospital (where my nephrectomy was done) will monitor me for up to about 5 years. So, that is good news. I will probably get ultrasounds every 6 months.

My next scan is an MRI in a few months as a follow up to my recent ct scans that showed something like scar tissue at the base of my renal bed. He said is was probably a 'collection' and seems to be getting smaller. 

Apparently I still have my gall bladder. The doc showed it to me on my recent scan. But the radiologist's report of that scan included the words 'Cholecystectomy noted'. Maybe just a simple mistake...

And by the way, I think I'm NED. :)


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Your scans down under sound similar to ours. We are also followed uo by the Urological surgeon, not a GP.




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Good news

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