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Mom taking Stivarga

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Hi all. I am new to this site. Mom has been fighting colon cancer with Mets. She cannot tolerate Xeloda; Folfox; Or Folfiri. Now taking Stivarga with lots of side effects. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm sorry I'm not able to help you with your mom's situation, but that has to be very frustrating that she can't tolerate any of the other drugs.  I'm sure there will be other's on this board that can help you with this treatment.  Wishing your mom the best.


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Thank you Annabelle! I’m in awe of the support that this community has for each other! Truley inspiring!

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If you read my history, you will see there is always hope. I'm living proof that cancer can be beat, no matter how old you are.  It may be a bumpy ride, but it is doable!!!Just take it a day at a time, and assume ,like me. you will beat it.  Good luck to you both.


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What side effects is Stivarga causing for your mom? in any case, it needs to be kept in the original bottle with the drying agent and taken with a small lowfat meal. If it’s fatigue, taking it at night can help. If it’s diarrea, Imodium. If it’s rash on the hands and feet, use a urea based cream like “utterly smooth” (look for 20-30% urea). And wear cushioned socks. if it’s still bad she may need a lesser dose and a small dose of steroid. The nice part is that unlike chemo, the side effects should get better with time.

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I just started stivarga and was wondering how everyone else has done with it. I seem to be experiencing a lot of pain in my tumor sites. Has anyone noticed anything like this? I can’t seem to find many people who have taken it so the info seems limited. Thanks for reading anyway, somehow it feels better just getting things out in the open! 


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I didn't take Stivrga, but wanted to welcome you to the forum. 

I hope you get some relief from the pain, soon. I'm sure you've told your Onc about it. What does he suggest? 

Hopefully someone will come on and help you out. 


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I just stopped 11 rounds of Lonsurf -almost a year!! unheard of...but not working now they want me to try Stivarga and I am very very aprehensive about the side effects and if it is woth it at all...Hope you do ok w Stivarga..from what I have read I dont like it...please let me know how you are reacting?? They want me to start on 1 pill a day until I get hand foot problems!!! It is considered a dirty drug as it attacks too many sites... I have ennough pain in my feet due to side effects from the Lonsurf, but the Lonsurf held the cancer at bay for about a year...Only othe option is to do old iv chemos...mmmm maybe nothing???

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I got finished with 11 rounds of Lonsurf...it worked good up until the scan July 3rd...so now the oncologist wants me to try Stivarga....which I am very hesitant since I had bad hand feet reactions to xeloda long ago and do not want to endure that again...ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIECE OF LATE WITH STIVARGA???  Most of my research says it is a bad drug if you have hand feet issues-skin issues etc.


Thanks much

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