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Am I wrong for suspecting Lymphoma?

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Hello, writing this out of exhaustion and frustration so bear with me.


I've been catching every illness that has come my way Nov 2016 to present. Found a large, painless lump under right side of collarbone 6 months ago, while experiencing hot flashes during the day, sweating even when cold. Waking up too hot/sweating in the night 3-4 times. So, so fatigued. Random boughts of extreme thirst followed by cracking lips even though I'm drinking adequate water.  Hoarse voice for 3+ months sometimes feeling like I have to "force" my throat open just to talk, random itching all over my body. Found 3 more, smaller lumps under opposite side of collarbone a few days ago at the Dr office and a larger swollen one under my tongue (right side). Ear pain comes and goes on right side, can feel a lump when i swallow, sometimes feels like something is poking me right where tongue meets front of throat. Lumps (Dr calls them lymph nodes) did not respond to antibiotics (2 separate 10 day rounds...doxycycline and levofloxacin).


CBC came back normal, liver function is normal, ANA is negative. CT with contrast of neck and chest says negative on report with no mention of visualizing nodes. ENT gave an all clear as well, says voice box and throat (view from inside)  is normal.


I am a 25 YO female with endometriosis and Raynaud's disease. No other health issues. I was certain I'd be getting a diagnosis of something but if the nodes aren't considered abnormal even though the ones on the right side are huge, I m at a loss, have even more questions, and am feeling like a hypochondriac even though I know something is NOT right. 




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Our lymph nodes are constantly in a state of expanding and contracting, as the air, water and food around us are contaminated with billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Those nodes reacting are what keep us alive. You are very young for any cancer. The problem with Googling symptoms is that "CANCER!!!" always pops up. Like moths to a candle, we circle around and worry. Have you seen any specialists?

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With a neck and chest CT totally negative, whatever you have affecting those regions is not Lymphoma, as your ENT informed you.

Your hydration issues are typical of diabetes, but I am not meaning to send you off in that direction.  The itching is typical in liver failure, but you have been tested negative for liver disease. The endometriosis is "in the region" to cause ovarian issues (although endo is seldom linked to ovarain problems directly), but ovarian disfunction will cause night sweats and itching.   

Just random thoughts from a layperson.

Good luck...these issues can be slow to identify,


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Yes, you have a lot of trouble. You should go on seeing good doctors. Life can be hard, but the only thing you can do is to try to handle it as well as you can. Activity is better for you than passivity. Good luck!


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