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CT Scan Results and Questions

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I received my CT scan results today - and I'm in an odd situation where I got them before I spoke with my doctor, so it's me and Dr. Google figuring things out right now.  Overall, I don't THINK it looks that bad.  The tumor is a little bigger than the ultrasound showed (4.8 cm vs 3.3 cm), but all of the internal organ stuff looked 'unremarkable'.  The lung thing has me a bit concerned.  I should say that after the scan yesterday I came home with a helluva cold.  Been couging and sneezing since then.  I hope that may be what the lung stuff is about (especially since it's not mentioned in the Impression).  The report never mentions metastasis, which I assume is good.  Please look over and give your thoughts (and I know none of you are doctors, but just curious what your experience will say):


Large heterogeneously enhancing mass within the left kidney consistent with renal cell carcinoma until proven otherwise


CT abdomen pelvis with and without contrast.

Findings: 100 mL of Omnipaque 350 IV contrast was administered for today's examination.

The visualized portion of the base of the lungs is significant for mild dependent atelectatic versus fibrotic change. The visualized portion of the heart, stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands, and visualized portion of the aorta are unremarkable. There are nonenlarged periaortic lymph nodes. There is a 3.5 cm right-sided renal cyst. The right kidney contains a subcentimeter hypodensity too small to characterize. There is an 8.2 cm cyst within the superior left kidney. There is a 4.8 x 4.1 cm heterogeneously enhancing mass within the mid left kidney consistent with renal cell carcinoma. There is no hydronephrosis or nephrolithiasis. The kidneys appropriately concentrate and excrete contrast on the delayed images. The bladder is unremarkable. The bowel has a normal appearance. The osseous structures are unremarkable.


Any feedback is appreciated!  Thanks!

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Gosh you have a lot going on

However it sounds good so far   

yes the mass is worrying but glad you have now found it

sounds like you are going to be debating a full or partial

When are you seeing your surgeon

dont know about the lungs



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I think (hope) the lungs are one of two things:

The cold that I wound up with that afternoon

The fact that I didn't take DEEP breaths in the scan.  They just said 'breathe and hold it', so I was taking normal breaths.  I guess we'll see.

I should talk to the nephrologist that got all of this started Monday.  Then I'm passed over to the urologist and I'm not sure when I'll be seeing him.  I know there's a backlog and wait.

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It sounds like you have a mild case of collapsed lung tissue, which could be due to infection, blocked airways, scar tissue, smoking, etc. It doesn't sound like something RCC related but of course I'm no doctor. Definitely discuss it with your physician. Also, I'm sure they'll want it back to normal before undergoing anesthesia as that too could lead to partial collapse. I had it after my surgery for a period of time.

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I'd say the lung issue doesn't sound RCC related at all, like Apny said. 

It is smth like old scarring or its results (collapsin) and both options (atelectatic and fibrotic) are very very common findings.

Bood luck with you surgery, and it is great that RCC is kidney contained!

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