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Recurrence of uterus cancer in vaginal cuff

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I have asked questions before and everyone was so helpful.

i was recently diagnosed with recurrence of my uterus cancer in the vaginal cuff. The standard care seems to be external  radiation and brachytherapy? I went to Stanford and the Mayo Clinic and was basically given the same options?  

Has anyone out there had brachytherapy with chemo?





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Jeannie, a few of us were given brachytherapy during our initial treatment to prevent it from recurring on the vaginal cuff.   Can you tell us if you had any radiation before?  How much (how often) are they saying they want to dose you?

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I haven't had the hysterectomy yet, but what exactly is the vaginal cuff?  My doctor talked about suturing it together?  Sorry to be off topic.  

And I am so sorry to hear of the recurrence you are having.  May God bless you!  You as everyone here, are in my prayers.



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As NoTime indicated, I too had it to prevent recurrence.  I had 3 HDR brachytherapy which was after my chemo treatment was done.   If you never had radiation before, then they will probably do it as it was offered to me when they thought I had a recurrence.

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Jeannie, I had 5 brachy treatments along with the standard chemo. I am almost 2 years out and have minimal problems from the treatment. 

Salty, the vaginal cuff is the area where they sew the vagina after removal of the uterus and cervix. That is the "most likely" first place for a recurrence and that is why most recommend brachy along with chemo with grade 3 cancers.

Love and Hugs,


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 you have vaginal recurrenc? If so why did they give you chemo istead of regular external radiation? Also where was the chemo done no one here seems to want to do brachytherapy and chemo?  Thanks

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thanks Teddy, I had to go look it up as well.  I also saw a video of it.  I must admit, it didn't look pleasant.  This whole thing frightens me but thank you for explaining it.  I appreciate it

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I am also sorry to hear that you now have reoccurrence of cancer on your vaginal cuff. I had 2B endometrial cancer back in 2009.  I had chemo and external radiation 26 times and 3 internal brachytherapy radiation treatments. The brachytherapy was specifally to reduce likelihood of vaginal cuff reoccurrence. My cancer was in my uterus but had also gone a short distance into my cervix. Your fear is totally understandable...I think that if you ask your radiology provider  they can  apply Lidocaine lubricant to the wall of your vagina to help if you have pain from dry thin vaginal tissue. That wasn’t offered to me but I know others have mentioned they had Lidocaine applied and it made the procedure more comfortable. Please know that many of us have had brachytherapy either with our initial treatments or for reoccurrence and are doing well. Please keep posting how you are doing. ((Hug))

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really appreciated your info.  Thanks

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I have stage 4B UPSC...

I had 6 rounds taxol/carboplatin and then started external beam radiation 2 months later and had 25 rounds followed by 3 brachy treatments...

had very little issues with it other than some nausea and diarrhea while doing the external treatments...the brachy was suprisingly easy on me and I even did 2 hours of yoga after all of my treatments. 

The brachy was a bit uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes it didn't bother me. My biggest issue was that I needed to pee! I took my diuritic that day (for blood pressure) and that was a mistake. For the 2nd and 3rd treatment I did not take the diuritic and all was well...

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my hysterectomy was in 2009 for my uterus cancer the Dr said he got everything so radiation was never offered to me.

i decided to go to Stanford for my radiation as they ordered an MRI with the gel and also gave me a shot so my insides would not move during the MRI, no one had done that before this was done to make sure the cancer had not spread beyond my cuff, it had not. Dr and I decided on paravaginal radiation VMAT 25 treatments at 45grey and 3-4 brachytherapy at 70 grey. The reason I chose this was because I already have lymphadema from my surgery in the top of my legs and did not want it to worsen if I had pelvic radiation since i was told by the surgeon that there was a likelyhood that my risks for increased lymphadema could be 50%.  The Pet Scan and MRI I had previously did not show any signs of cancer we would not have known had I not insisted oN an examination with a speculum. 

Since my cancer is not showing anywhere else I guess they feel that it is still located in the vagina.

thanks for everyone's response.

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