Post nephrectomy therapy

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I remember when I went to my last visit with the oncologist.  She mention something about how it was just appoved for patients that had nephrectomy to have some kind of immuntherapy after removal surgery.  She wasnt really in agreement and we didnt discuss it any further.  But she did mention it.  Now i just read something about it on a facebook post. Anyone know what this is all about, or any thoughts. 


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    Many studies were done on adjuvant therapy. They consisted of using a tki drug like votrient after nephrectomy. It seems dumb now because the drug was not a cure and it came with miserable se's. However an immunotherapy can be a cure. Again, se's can be hard for some but for someone in stage 1 or 2, it could be the magic bullet. Some low dose nivo may be the ticket. For stage 3 and 4, most likely the treatment would be more aggressive with either a tki or immuno dependent upon the situation.

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    Fox, Thank you, The trial

    Fox, Thank you, I think trial only allowed only for people stage 1 and stage 2, but a no more than 12 weeks after surgery. I was just curious about what it was.