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Hi Everybody, I give you an update. I have being a trial of nivolumab for 2 years which finished end of november 2017. At the start of the trial I had multible lung mets, I had one which was over 2cm which was very close to the bronchical tube and one in the neck.  Had PET scan mid December results were lungs all clear. I still have one in the neck which they will do some more radiation and possible surgery back on nivolumab just completed number 53 infusion. I am sure without nivolumab I would be dire straits. I have had RCC for 61/2 years. I am still working full-time, playing golf and doing weights. Here in Tasmania were in summer its 21 celsius. I have being on holidays for 2 weeks going back to work Monday.

Regards sainmont

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Nice to hear from another long-term Nivolumab user.  How have your side-effects been?  Mine have mainly been a skin rash, whch I am told is very common, and a damaged thyroid gland.

Best of luck for the future.  BTW, I live on the big island.

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Hi Manufred, No side effects to speak, maybe tiredness but than could be due to age as well.

All the best saintmont

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