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Night sweats?

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Hi, since I had my partial nephrectomy on 12/20  I've been having night sweats just about every night the room is cool so I don't understand it don't know has something to do with the surgery recovering or what has anyone else experienced this? 

Also 10 days after catheter removal still having issues, the stream is still narrow  and there is a a slight pain when I urinate I don't believe it's infection because cause it's clear and I only have this till symptoms , don't have a fever or nausea or lower back anything like that so maybe it's just trauma when they pulled it out also still going at least once in the middle of the night to empty



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After surgery I did have nights sweats a few nights. I haven’t had any lately. Hopefully it’s just part of recovery.

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I had night sweats too.

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My surgery was over a year ago and I still have night sweats.

I'm pretty sure that my night sweats are a side-effect of the opiate pain killers I'm on (oxycodone, oxycontin).

If you haven't asked your urologist, or, better, your urologic oncologist about your urination issues, you should. You can bring up the night sweats, too. 

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you have a lot going on. You are alert, aware, involved in all sorts of activities of living. It takes a lot of energy and is used throughout your body. At night, when in shut down mode, few of those demands are being used or needed. Your energy is allowed to focus on where it is needed. Your internal healing can utilize that energy. Increased metabolism makes increase in heat which is dissipated by night sweats.


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