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Dad Age 80 Path Report 1st Visit to Onc Tomorrow

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We are going to see the oncologist at our local cancer center tomorrow. My Dad age 80  has a mass enircling his messenteric artery. He has lost 30 pounds and had a heart bypass about 6 years ago. Was in good health untl one month ago when pain started.  He is fatigued but getting around a bit. 

Biopsy was done and path report.  I am not sure what alll this means.  Not sure if Follicular and CD20 positive are important to the diagnois?  Here are parts of path report"

Diffuse large b-cell lymphoma 90%, Follicular Lymphona 10% CD20 Posiive by Flow Cytometry, positive for PAX5, CD10, BCI6, BCI2, focal area of retained nodularity compatible wiht follicular lymphoma. 

Lymphocytes 72%, T-Cells 74% of lymphoid cells show CD4/CD8 ratio about 1.7 with overt phenotypic abdnormality.NKcells (1% of lymphoid cells) unremarkable. Mature B cells 19% of lymphoid cells are predominently small in size 

We have two nearby university resrearch centers but they are out of network and will add some cost. I am not concered about cost if second opinion is needed.  

Does anyone have any advice for our first visit tomorrow?  I assume they will order a PET scan and also test his heart in order to determine if he can handle RCHOP or other treatment. Please provide insight or advice. 

Reading these message boards has been incredible valuable.  Blessings to everyone and happy new year. 




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Your dad tests positive for two forms.of NHL -- one indolent (follicular) and one aggressive. The coded numbers, like 'CD20', are the cell types he stains positive for in the pathology lab.

At least a second opinion on diagnosis is critical.  If money is no object, do head to the best, world-class facility you can get him to.  With all of his other issues, he must be treated for the right conditions from Day 1 to have a chance.

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Thank you for your response. 

After researching this more,  I am wondering if this is follicular lymphoman that has transformed to BCell.  When I search that specifically I see that this is very complex even before we add his age and his heart issues (bypass a five years). 

I can see that we need to go to the world-class facilties which are luckily nearby...

Again, thank you for your response to me.  


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