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no tea/coffee with meals?????

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Hi--and happy new year, all!

QUESTION: Our sister told me our brother (Stage 2 colorectal on Xeloda and radiation) is not allowed to drink tea or coffee with meals--because it would inhibit iron absorption????? Between meals, no prob--but not while taking food for nutrition purposes..... Anything to that? I am seriously NOT CRAZY ABOUT brother's oncologist--don't know his name, but based on what brother says, he just doesn't sound like a doctor I'd be able to trust with my life!

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never heard this before, doesn’t sound correct. 

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I've never heard of this before and it doesn't make much sense to me.  If you don't like the doctor, you should get a second opinion ASAP as his course of treatment could change too. 


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I'm not familiar with this theory. I know some antibiotcs do not absorb well if taken within a certain amount of times of anything with calcium in it from milk to vitamins. Perhaps it's something along those lines?


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