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Happy New Year!

Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 705
Joined: Jul 2016

Hope everyone has a good 2018! Prayers for all of us.

Steve.Adam's picture
Posts: 463
Joined: Oct 2016

And the same to you and everyone.

2 hours and 40 minutes to go, for me, but I'm not staying awake for it.


icemantoo's picture
Posts: 3334
Joined: Jan 2010

as well. eh





Bay Area Guy's picture
Bay Area Guy
Posts: 502
Joined: Jun 2016

2017 can not end fast enough for me.  It’s been a bad one for us.

Jojo61's picture
Posts: 1310
Joined: Oct 2013

Wishing us all a wonderful New Year - let's make it a NED year for everyone!



APny's picture
Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

Happy NED and NNED (no new evidence) year to everyone!

Optimisticgirl's picture
Posts: 82
Joined: Aug 2017

And a big thank you to everyone that helped my husband and myself through this stressful journey.  You are the greatest!

P.S. the fellow I mentioned awhile back that lost a kidney to cancer 25 years ago, just turned 100 last week! 

Jan4you's picture
Posts: 1327
Joined: Oct 2013

Happy NEW year! May we all learn our lessons well, continue to support one another. and choose to LIVE~

Hugs to ALL!


Trucker1's picture
Posts: 82
Joined: Sep 2017

I like that!! I pray that is the case for all of us!!!

foxhd's picture
Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

Happy All Year!

Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

and thank you to every one of you who helped me and everyone else on here get through this rollercoaster 

You are all amazing in your time and kindheartness


lken37's picture
Posts: 12
Joined: Nov 2017

Happy New Year to all, and God's Blessing on all of you for good reports and healing.  I'm 7 weeks out of surgery and feeling great.  

daisybud's picture
Posts: 508
Joined: Jan 2016

Happy Ned year too!

jazzgirl's picture
Posts: 196
Joined: Nov 2017

Hi Everyone,

You have all become so important to me in such a short time.  Thanks for welcoming this new member into the fold in 2017 and especially for your support through your generous sharing of your own journeys.  I will keep "Happy NED Year" in mind all year - especially in June when I have my next scans.  Blessings and gratitude to you all.

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Posts: 632
Joined: Sep 2017

Happy New Year all!!!

Angiebby75's picture
Posts: 209
Joined: Aug 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Posts: 333
Joined: Feb 2015

Wishing the best to us all in 2018!  This is an extended family to me even if Im not here posting as often.

Posts: 80
Joined: Jan 2018

Make 2018 a year for new beginnings, profound appreciation for what you have, and a chance to renew all of ourselves. 2018...it's going to absolutely rock!

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