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NED at 5 1/2 years...

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just had my 5 year scans and bloodwork, a few months late. So grateful to report that my oncologist has released me and said I’m cured At 5.5 years.  

I’m a little uneasy about that given the sneakiness of this disease. 

Still, I AM very grateful for my NED Report & the support this forum has provided to me the past 6 years. Thank you to everyone. 

God Bless.

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Talk to your doctor about lesser scans. After 5 years I have had ultrasounds each year with a CT thrown in at year 10. That should connect any snealy thing in the bud.  At 15 1/2 years now.




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I am a trial patient, so I basically have to continue scans per the trial schedule, even though I am nearly 4 years NED. Do you do ultrasounds because insurance won't pay for a scan? Thinking out loud, I almost cant imagine not having a scan every year.

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Receiving scans every year at my age (54) would mean I would be exposed to radiation for another 20-25 years, on top of what I’ve had the past (5) years; 3-4 the first few years. I think a lot depends on the stage/ grade of your tumor at the onset. 

According to my Dr. that isn’t a great idea. I do beleive at this stage, a scan every (3) years does make sense. 

The ‘ultrasound’ is a good isea, but according to my Dr., RCC will show up somewhere else, so how do you do an effective ultrasound to cover every area of the chest, abdomen & pelvis ??

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! May you be Ned for many more years.


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Congratulations! I agree with Iceman....get some ultrasounds as follow up.



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So happy for you! But I agree with everyone; I would continue getting checked up maybe once a year with an US. Or even every other year.

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Glad you made it! 

My surgeon told me he checks for elevated signs of cancer in a blood test.

Maybe you can ask to have that done instead of a scan?

Celebrate your life!

To you and yours!


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Hi Jan, do you knkw what specific sign he is testing? Would recommend it to my doc as he onky look at the standard value such as GFR and creatine. Thanks.


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Hi Carmen~

I believe the test is caused Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)

along with Metabolic Panel. Look up the test and add the word cancer. 

If the number is high, I guess, it means you could have more cancer cells is my understanding. 

Seems our immune system is always fighting off cancer cells, even for those who never had cancer. 

Talk to your doctor about it. I never knew he was using this test till I asked him.


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Thank you Jan! Happy New Year! Carmen

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Congratulations, thanks for sharing

I'm so happy for you


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Awesome. Congratulations!!!

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Congrats and enjoy that NED!

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 Very happy for you

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For the update and sharing your good news. 


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Great news!

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Keep doing what you're doing. I think randomly looking for detectable tumors with US isn't worth the effort. You would probably be aware of something wrong, before an US would find a met. Stick to scans with a progressive taper that you are comfortable with.

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That is great news we all love hearing!  

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