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New to group... hello

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This is my first post in this board. I had some appendix discomfort around Thanksgiving that led to an early Dec CT which led to a colonoscopy 8 years early and cecum cancer. Confirmed Dec 18 had surgery first available after Christmas this past Wed (27th). Awaiting pathology but this is my second cancer... had breast cancer diagnosis 2 years before almost to the day, with double mastectomy, chemo and rads. Frustrated to be back in the cancer wheelhouse I was counting down my 5 years... Waiting also on second set of genetic tests, especially Lynch. Nice to meet you all and learn this new set of information.

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It always makes me sad when I read about folks getting secondary Cancer. It just doesn't seem fair.  I bet your gut is reeling, knowing what you have already been though, and will be going through again. 

We welcome you to the forum, and hope we can help you along your way. 


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and not just someone who will treat it as a variant of colon cancer.  Appendix cancer is treated differently.  I know.  Under the colon cancer protocols, I was "given" a maximum of 5 years life expectancy.  With an appendix cancer specialist, I am 10+ years out from diagnosis and going strong.

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How one thing leads to another. I had appendix pain for a month or two before my sigmoidoscopy. The cancer was one mass in my sigmoid section, and they took my appendix and fixed a belly button hernia at the same time, without me mentioning trouble with either. I guess my thought is, thanks to the appendix for ringing the alarm, I just wish I listened earlier.........................Dave

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So sorry to hear of this news.  No matter what time of year it is, it's always devestating to hear of prognosis.  Sounds like you just had surgery to get rid of the bad tissues so taking it out and removing is always best.  Hoping that path comes out without additional nodes affected.  Wishing you the best for the New Year and welcome to the board.  We are a great bunch of people that can help out in most situations.


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