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B Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia Treatment, Future Plan, Life Expectancy

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My father, Age 63, was diagnosed with "B Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia" in April 2017 and his treatment started in August 2017, after 3 months of wait and watch.

He has so far received 5 cycles of Rituximab + Bendamustine and is planned to receive 1 more cycle of the same.

Before starting treatment his spleen size had enlarged to18-20 centimeters and white blood cells increased and Haemoglobin, RBCs and Platelets all three decreased.

After 5 cycles spleen size reduced 90% and WBCs decreased and other 3 increased all to about normal ranges.

Is the above said treatment valid in B-PLL and what will be the future plan if the disease relapses and what is life expectancy in this disease.



Quetta, Pakistan

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