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I would like to ask everyone,including me, to update profiles. There is no faster way to offering bad advice if we can't access some member history. It gets very tiresome especially with the one or two hit people who ask for a personal education in surgery and drug therapy. We get a few line introduction which no one can remember.

I'm asking that everyone using this forum remind posters about profiles.

Thanks and, HAPPY ALL YEAR!!   Fox


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    Thanks for the reminder, Fox.

    Hope Santa was good to youLaughing


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    "Hope Santa was good to you"

    365 days a year!

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    Where do I find the Q&A part

    Where do I find the Q&A part for profile? My csn section doesn't have any and I don't know what to click on.

  • hardo718
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    At the top

    It says click here for Member "About Me" page.....see?

    Hope this helps,


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    I figured it out. My phone

    I figured it out. My phone was the issue.

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    Great suggestion...

    ...thanks for the reminder. I just updated mine. Probably also a good reminder to check emails. I just saw an email someone had sent me while I was in the hospital last week and just responded. I'm working to get better at checking that regularly, as well as updating the profile as things change. 

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    How to find/edit your "About Me" page

    Following is an annotated screen shot from my About Me page showing how to update your bio.

    Screenshot showing links for editing About Me page


    Here are the instructions for updating your bio (note, the steps to create a page might be a little different than updating, but you'll get the idea).

    1. Click the link in the CSN header to update your member page. It will open your "My CSN Space"
    2. Click the "Edit" button. It will open your "Preferences"
    3. Click the "About Me" button. Edit your bio and click "Submit"