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Stage 4 Appedix with mets

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Just joined this group. I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer in May. Had it removed followed by Colectomy and 3 month of Xelox. In October there were mets to my peritoneum. on Nov 1st had HIPEC and now recovering.  I have Poorly Diff Adenocarcinoma with some signet cell features.  

Anyone with similar PDA pathology? what are the recurrence time after HIPEC for this aggressive type.


Thanks for your help


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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but I'm not able to help you.  There are some on this board that have had appendix cancer and they say this board has helped them even if it's someplace to come to.  I'm hoping that they chime in to help you.  Wishing you the best and keep coming on this board because there are a lot of people on here that can give you support. 


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It's been over 10 years since my Stage 4 diagnosis.  Are you seeing an appendix cancer specialist?  They know the recurrence rates better than anyone else.  For me, it was 9 years until recurrence.  I have a friend who had surgery again 1 year after HIPEC.  She had EPIC on her second go-round (standard at Sloan Kettering in NYC) and has now been clear for 15 months and counting.

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Yes my surgeon is an Appendix Cancer expert. I dont have the mucinous type so recurrence rate is high given the PD pathalogy. Oncologist will do a scan end of Jan.

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