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Taste and appetite

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I am 6 days post op and food still doesn't taste right, also appetite not there yet, does this sound familar? Just wondering how long these will last.


Thank you 



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Everything should be OK. The next few weeks should show a big change.



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I'm right there with you Sal.  Nothing does taste right and I have no appetite.  I do eat but usually bland and not much.  I get an upset stomach fairly easily.  Feeling good one moment and sick to my stomach the next.  I'm 5 days post op.  Also struggling a bit with the constipation and trying to get "normal" again.  Oh vie!  

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Took me a good week to have any sort of appetite. Even then it was mostly soup and veggies. The strange taste thing will go away soon!!!

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I would agree with Annissa. I am now 13 days post-op and it took me about a week to eat regular.

I had lost about 10lbs during the first week or so and I am now beginning to gain it back.

Mary H.
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I think that's fairly common.  I didn't like the way food tasted, not like it was supposed to taste.  I had very little appetite.  Even after I was able to taste things normally, I wasn't able to eat much at one time.  Eventually the problem went away and I was able to eat a normal meal with normal size portions.

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I've had times when I eat well. Usually when I'm on steroids. No appetite or taste on votrient. Cabo is ok for taste but zero appetite. I was a fit 215 several years ago. Now only 150. I wish I could regain the enjoyment of food like pre cancer days. Constant battle for me. And my wife will cook up anything at anytime.

Eating is only half of it. Then it is constipation or diarrhea.

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